Icons of war

The battle to get to the top of any given profession is never easy.

Our relationship with ourselves and the external world can be defined before choice has the power to raise its arm. The conditioning of society, religion, family and our environment, all leave an impression that inevitably shapes our future motives.

Nowhere else is this struggle celebrated more than in the lives of icons.

In this collection of portraits, Ben Levy redefines the idea War Hero. He honours the individual fight of the icon by using the language of war itself. By adorning the famous and the powerful in the uniforms of the brave, the viewer is unable to escape seeing the positions they have achieved without viewing them through the lens of what they have left behind. The admirers, the worshipers, the controlled and even the old discarded images of themselves. All are casualties, but not all will be remembered.


Ben Levy is an English artist born and raised in London. Levy’s art is the fruit of working-class roots, fueled by a personal battle to break free from the conditioning of his environment and into a world of art that can be just as ruthless.

The theme of life being a fight against the odds can be found throughout his work – a fascination of documenting the struggle of individuals in their rise to the top and the class system which divides and rules societies.

In his latest collection Icons of War – Living Artists, Levy pays homage to the journey of famous iconic individuals, illustrating their lifelong battle by adorning them with helmets, uniforms and weapons – the visual language of war.